19. February 2019
Cooperation of 3DMP®-Living, flying-parts and GEFERTEC

An impressive piece of art thanks to the 3DMP® metal printing process

For the first time ever, art Karlsruhe (21-24 February 2019) showcased a larger-than-life metal sculpture that has been produced entirely by way of a 3D metal printer. The internationally renowned artist MOTO WAGANARI has created "THE THINKER". The sculpture was manufactured by the 3D metal expert flying-parts from Berlin.

Art and 3D printing form a comparatively new partnership. An example of a successful cooperation is the collaboration of the artist Moto Waganari and several companies of the Berlin.Industrial.Group. The resulting artwork shows how much industry and art influence one another and how they can grow together. While Moto Waganari familiarised himself with the capabilities of the 3DMP® printing process while at the same time testing its artistic potential, the team of 3DMP® Living and the experts of flying-parts were able to push the boundaries of the 3DMP® process.

The Thinker is a large-volume project resulting from this cooperation. Moto Waganari creates transparent network sculptures which outline a delicate body frame. By illuminating his sculptures, the artist adds a two-dimensional shadow to his three-dimensional objects, thereby revealing their immaterial alter ego.

The larger-than-life sculpture has not been printed in layers to form a compact object as is usually the case. With a bespoke software program, flying-parts was able to produce a delicate network of thin metal segments with the aid of a point-by-point process. The resulting network then grew into curved limbs. In a last step, 30 individual parts were combined to form the final sculpture. All of this was possible thanks to the 3DMP® metal printers by GEFERTEC. Unlike standard printers, they use wire instead of metal powder as the starting material. This results in easier handling and lower costs.

“This has definitely been our greatest challenge so far,” explains Christian Nickoleit, member of the flying-parts production team. “It was all the more exciting for us to demonstrate the high potential of 3D metal printing.”

“I have been dreaming of printing a large metal sculpture for more than 10 years,” explains Moto Waganari. “When 3DMP®-Living contacted me to offer a collaboration, I immediately got to work with enthusiasm. And I am still highly impressed by the new tool that I am now able to use.”

Inspired by the collaboration with the companies of the B.I.G. group as well as by the “look and feel” of a series of 3D-printed objects, Moto Waganari decided to create a completely new collection – the “Digital Primitives”. Due to their shape and characteristic surface structure realised by way of the 3DMP® process, the organic sculptures almost seem to be alive and symbolise diversity and imperfection. After the successful premiere of the Digital Primitives at Art Basel in Miami in December 2018, the gallerist Jörg Heitsch presented the larger-than-life “THINKER” created by Waganari to the public for the first time at art Karlsruhe.