14. February 2021
B.I.G. minority share Escarda Technologies

Together for sustainable agriculture

What do plants have to do with lasers? In this case a lot! Escarda, a B.I.G. minority holding is working on using lasers to control weeds in fields - chemical-free and sustainably.

Escarda can rely on the possibilities of the B.I.G. laser laboratory and the support of colleagues there. They not only contribute their extensive know-how in laser processing, but even plants from the family garden for the experiments.

Escarda is pursuing a completely new approach that should make organic farming possible on an unprecedented scale. Read more at: https://www.escarda.eu/ or here.

Escarda's experiments with laser processing optics in the B.I.G. laser laboratory.
Plants for experiments of Escarda at B.I.G. laser laboratory.