23. April 2020


The Corona crisis brings to light creative ideas of our employees. Disinfectants and breathing masks are currently hard to get? Door handles that are touched by many people are a risk of infection? Now we have found a solution to this problem.

A Lumics team did not want to accept the shortage of the currently important disinfectant. They therefore did research and obtained the “recipe” from the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and found the “ingredients” on the market. Now Lumics is producing flawless hand disinfectant – for its chip production in the clean room and for all B.I.G. employees at the site. Furthermore, a house full of tinkerers paid off once again! Another problem was yet solved thanks to the initiative of a Lumics designer: doorknobs. They are among the riskiest surfaces these days. A company-owned 3D printer is now being used to produce a door opening assistance tool that is simply mounted on the existing door handle. The advantage is that the door can be opened with the arm while the hand no longer has to touch the handle. Again, the risk of infection is minimized. Chapeau and a big thank you for the inventive spirit and the commitment of the colleagues!

Lumics door opening assistance tool from their 3D printer
Hand disinfectants from our in-house production