24. July 2019
LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019 in Munich, 24 - 27 June 2019

Successfull trade fair participation

Issues such as electro mobility and sustainability were in the focus of the trade fair just as new methods in medicine, being enabled by modern biophotonic. These are only three of the many up-to-date topics that were also discussed at the B.I.G. booth. Experts of our member companies Scansonic, Lumics and Metrolux as well as our partners Abicor Binzel and Thermacut had many positive talks with new and existing customers.

Picture 1: The B.I.G. stand with the member companies Scansonic, Metrolux, Lumics as well as the partners Abicor Binzel and Thermacut was easily to be found. The booth had access from all four sides and was created open and inviting.

Picture 2: Lumics showcased the performance of its laser diodes for use in healthcare, material processing and analysis.

Picture 3: E mobility was one of the main issues in Munich. For the first time, Scansonic presented its RLW-S optics for the welding of copper hairpins in electric engines. The position of the hairpin is recognised reliably and fast with an integrated camera sensor, ultra-fast scanners precisely position the laser beam at the joint spot. Result: a perfect seam with excellent conductivity. Also TV was interested.

Picture 4: A big rush also at Metrolux. The team demonstrated the optical measurement technology for the characterization of laser beams, such as focal position and caustic.