29. July 2020
25th Anniversary

Making the laser measurable

For 25 years Metrolux has been offering users from industry and research intelligent measurement technology for the analysis of laser beams and optical systems. Congratulations, Metrolux!

In 1995, Carsten Fischer, a Ph.D. in physics, founded Metrolux as a spin-off from the Laserzentrum Göttingen. The laser, still a young tool at the time, offered new opportunities in automated production.

In Japan, for example, companies such as Sony, Olympus, and Nikon experimented with the production of flat screens. Excimer lasers were supposed to help with annealing, with which the conductivity of surfaces could be increased. However, there was a lack of possibilities to reliably check the quality of the laser used. The first Metrolux customer, a plant manufacturer, therefore ordered a measuring instrument for laser lines, especially for this young display market. With Beamlux, the first measuring instrument from Metrolux arrived in the production halls.

Since then, Metrolux scientists and engineers have been developing and producing innovative hardware and software solutions that make the properties of the laser beam visible, measurable, and thus controllable.

Since 2014 the Berlin.Industrial.Group. (B.I.G.) has held a stake in Metrolux, becoming the majority shareholder in 2017. Metrolux thus benefits from the strengths of the internationally positioned group, e.g. in manufacturing and sales or the laser application laboratory. B.I.G. itself expanded its portfolio of agile high-tech companies with the specialist for optical metrology.

25 Years Metrolux
"Niedersächsischer Kooperationspreis" for Metrolux in 2005 (founder Carsten Fischer 2. from the left)