03. January 2020
Berlin.Industrial.Group. changes to green power

Our electricity is blue

Since early 2020, wall sockets at B.I.G. provide only green electricity - in our case even blue electricity. Our provider produces 100% from German hydropower and is independent of nuclear and coal power.

We did not take the choice of our new providers easily. In addition to the generation of sustainable green electricity, it was also important for us to support environmental projects. The expansion of renewable energy sources should also be promoted. For example, for every kWh consumed at B.I.G., one additional cent is now invested in the energy transition. Providers who re-label coal and nuclear power as green electricity using purchased certificates, so-called grey electricity providers, did not get a chance.

The decision finally was made in favor of Polarstern, which has been recognized by numerous German institutions such as Öko-Test, Grüner Strom-Label, TÜV Nord or Statista, among others, as “Innovator of the Year”.