02. July 2018

Scansonic Group becomes Berlin.Industrial.Group.

The Berlin.Industrial.Group., previously known as Scansonic Group, can look back on a relatively short, but all the more successful history, especially in comparison with traditional industrial companies.

However, such a dynamic development often implies a series of pragmatic decisions that can cause confusion afterwards – a handful of companies with the same name component “Scansonic” were founded. The result: little ability to distinguish and considerable need for explanation towards the most diverse target groups.

The time has come for a clear cut which, on the one hand, eliminates such confusion and, on the other hand, creates the opportunity for a new, comprehensive group brand to be enriched in terms of content. In developing a suitable brand, we focused on three core aspects that make us what we are:  Berlin. Industry. Group. – or English:


or short:


This is not only a reminder that Berlin was Europe’s largest industrial city until the early 20th century; we are thus building on a valuable tradition and reviving it – not only with start-ups, but (also) with grown-ups.

It is our ambition to keep our unique companies free and to enable them to achieve the optimum advantage in order to be successful in the long term – in other words, to become champions. Although this does not imply anything about the individual business field in which the company operates, it does mean that all companies meet these criteria and even represent them in an excellent manner.

Advantage + uniqueness = success

At the same time, it entails that there must be further criteria according to which the subsidiaries – each of them individually – distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. They have definitely arrived in the champion category, but so are many others. And thus the true unique selling point of the group compared to other players of this kind results from our very own core characteristics:

“In everything we do, we believe in the individual.”

Many aspects are evidence of this positioning: The great degrees of liberty of the daughters, the management style, but also the respect for each individual. But: Too much loneliness makes you eccentric. So how do we prevent destructive solitude or unwanted loneliness? We can put these concerns aside, because despite all individuality we always act and communicate as a group. Maintaining exactly this balance is one of our great qualities. So why don’t we use this as our claim, our company’s core statement? There we go:

Unique, United.