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30. June 2022

B.I.G. Invited to Economic Conference of Eastern Metropolitan Region

The 3rd economic conference of the Eastern Metropolitan Region at the end of June brought together politics and business. On the one hand, the event was intended to show what support is available for innovation projects, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises in Berlin and Brandenburg. On the other hand, it was about networking and exchange. The managing director of our company B.I.G. Corporate Services, Katrin Robeck, was invited for a discussion.

In the round of talks with entrepreneurs from Berlin and Brandenburg, Katrin presented the B.I.G. approach. “For us, change and development is a continuous process and not a project that is completed and put away in a drawer,” she said succinctly. “Digitization is first and foremost a people issue and more secondarily a technology issue. Good teamwork is what matters. A bad process remains a bad process, even if it’s digitized. Digitization – or better automation in most cases – is there for us to make our work easier and not an end in itself. Besides, we love technology and then digitization is also fun.”

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