The whistleblower system of B.I.G

Compliance with applicable laws and internal company guidelines as well as the resulting fair and ethical behavior have the highest priority at B.I.G. Therefore, we are introducing a whistleblower system to enable the reporting of complaints, criminal behavior, specific threats, or suspicious cases in the company and to protect the whistleblower.

Submitting a report using our whistleblower system

Where should I submit the information? The whistleblower has two options to report misconduct effectively and securely.

Internal reporting office

Compliance staff members:

Klaudia Michalska

  • ProtonMail:
  • Postal address:<br
    B.I.G. Corporate Services GmbH
    Klaudia Michalska,
    Schwarze-Pumpe-Weg 16, 12681 Berlin
    or the whistleblower mailbox at the Office</br
  • Signal App:
    Phone number 0151 –  16764914
  • Threema App:
  • Personally:
    Klaudia Michalska:
    Tuesdays between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. and between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m (H1.2.38)


Dr. Johannes Dilling
Online reporting channel:
Please use our encrypted form.
Please communicate using our Proton E-mail address.
Chat with us or call us securely using Signal.
Chat with us or call us securely using Threema.
By mail
Please send us a letter or a package.
Personal contact
Meet us in person.
Data protection

The personal data provided will be protected according to applicable legal regulations. We refer to the existing privacy policy.

By submitting the data, I agree to the processing of my personal data following the Privacy Policy.

    This is not mandatory; you can also give the information anonymously.

    Especially, if you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know how we can contact you if we have any questions. We recommend Protonmail if you want to continue communicating securely and anonymously using E-mail.

    Please choose whether we should contact you.

    You can submit the message in any language.

    Please select the documents that you would like to send us in encrypted form. Files can be uploaded up to a size of 25 MB. You can either select multiple files in the selection dialog or click the Upload button for each file.

    This E-mail provider offers free E-mail mailboxes that enable pre-configured end-to-end message encryption.

    E-mails from one ProtonMail account to another are automatically encrypted and are not readable by the provider.

    As no user details are collected during registration, ProtonMail offers complete anonymity.

    Signal is a free messenger app that enables the end-to-end encrypted exchange of text messages and files. Encrypted (video) telephony is integrated as well.

    The provider cannot access the exchanged content.

    A mobile phone number is required to register with Signal allowing limited anonymity. Any other data beyond the telephone number will not be stored.

    Signal APP:
    Phone number: 0151 – 16764914

    Threema is a paid messenger app from a Swiss company that enables end-to-end encrypted messaging including the exchange of files. The provider cannot access the exchanged content.
    Encrypted (video) telephony is integrated as well.

    Threema offers complete anonymity with its ID and is considered a very secure channel.

    Our Threema ID for contacting us: 3RPXCFDU

    If you would like to mail the information to me, please use the following address:

    B.I.G. Corporate Services GmbH
    Klaudia Michalska
    Schwarze-Pumpe-Weg 16 12681 Berlin
    or the whistleblower mailbox at the Office.

    Your information will be treated as strictly confidential.

    If you would like to meet me in person to pass on information as a whistleblower, I am available for that as well.

    Please contact me through one of the channels above to arrange a meeting point. In this case, I assure strict confidentiality as well.

    Compliance staff member: Klaudia Michalska, available: Tuesdays between 11 a.m. and -12 p.m. and between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. (H1.2.38)

    How should I submit the information?

    Any information must be as detailed as possible to allow proper consideration and investigation. You can use the following five questions as a guide:
    Who? – Who is involved?
    What? – What has happened? Description of the facts.
    When? – When did the incident happen?
    How? – How many times has this happened?
    Where? – Where did the incident happen?

    Protection of the whistleblower

    The identity of the whistleblower is protected. Optionally, the whistleblower may also remain anonymous. Contact details provided by the whistleblower will be stored according to data protection regulations and are only visible to the reporting office.

    Any person who in good faith reports a suspicion or cooperates in the investigation of a suspicion will not face adverse consequences (such as demotion, termination, salary reduction or similar disciplinary measures) as a result of making a report. If you are disadvantaged, discriminated against, or harassed as a whistleblower, please report this to your supervisor. Harassment, threats, discrimination, bullying or the like will not be tolerated towards the whistleblower or any other person who contributed any information.

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