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Every company in the B.I.G. is an outstanding player in its field: GEFERTEC makes sure that defective German Rail locomotives can be quickly recommissioned; thanks to Lumics, doctors can use lasers to remove diseased tissue; Scansonic facilitates perfect welding seams in automotive chassis; and those are only three examples. We develop every single product in close collaboration with our customers. This approach results in precise solutions and convincing results.

Our Company Portfolio


Leading producer of components for laser medicine

Medical devices with diode lasers from Lumics can relax painful muscles, remove diseased tissue, support industrial plastic welding, and measure gas concentrations or wind speeds. Lumics is one of the few companies in the world with a complete inhouse value chain for laser diode development and manufacture – from wafer processing and chip production to the finished laser module, including control electronics and cooling solutions. This ensures the company’s independence from external suppliers and guarantees consistently high quality.

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Experts in intelligent laser technology

Lasers are essential equipment in modern industrial production, including applications such as metal welding, brazing, or cutting. With its precise software, sensors, and production expertise, Scansonic´s processing opitcs are guiding the laser beam to their proper location. Scansonic’s expertise in this area has made it a global market leader for intelligent laser technology. Automotive manufacturing is one of the key industries to profit from Scansonic’s technology, with almost every vehicle in the world now being produced with Scansonic technology.

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Precision control for lasers

Metrolux is a specialist in optical measurement technology. For more than 20 years it has been a key player in enhancing laser precision and consistency. Metrolux measurement equipment makes laser beams permanently visible, measurable, and thus controllable – essential factors for maintaining maximum reliability in research and production.

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3D Metal Printing - sustainable, fast, and cost-effective

GEFERTEC develops new processes for metal part fabrication – totally independent of conventional production methods. GEFERTEC machines score high points for speed, cost-effectiveness, and resource efficiency, particularly for high-volume part production. GEFERTEC frequently sets new industry standards, such as the 3DMP® process - using arc welding to build up parts with commercial wire.

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The prototype specialist

flying-parts introduces flexibility into processes throughout the entire production value chain. The team accept orders for steel, light metal, or special metal parts, in production runs ranging from individual pieces to small-scale serial production. Parts are produced using 3D metal printing on GEFERTEC machines. This gives customers the benefits of the latest technology without the need for significant CapEx investments.

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Spaces for the future

MotionLab.Berlin is an integrated “maker space” for hardware solutions, providing young entrepreneurs with the ability to quickly bring innovative product ideas to the serial production stage. MotionLab.Marzahn GmbH, which works out of our location, supports all startups on site and provides optimized work conditions and workflows – including prototyping, co-working, and community.

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Picum MT

Machine to the workpiece, not the workpiece to the machine

Picum MT develops mobile precision machining systems that can perform even technically demanding manufacturing processes directly on components on-site. This eliminates the need for time-consuming transport of large and complex components or tools – an immense advantage that saves both time and money.

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Technologies for a better environment

Escarda is paving the way for efficient and pesticide-free agriculture, protecting the soil against destructive chemicals. Laser technology and artificial intelligence will keep fields free of undesirable secondary vegetation. This opens up an entirely new dimension for environmentally-conscious agriculture, even on a large scale.

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