Compliance and integrity

Compliance and integrity are integral parts of our corporate culture. Every day, we operate in keeping with the law, our values and internal company guidelines.

Code of Conduct

To comply with the law and our values that form the basis for the success of the BIG Group, we have created a “Code of Conduct”. Our Code of Conduct is not only about the laws that we must comply with every day, but also about the principles and values by which we want to live and work as a group. The Code of Conduct serves as a guide to prevent undesirable practices. The ethical, honest, and responsible behavior that guides us as a group in support of our reputation also applies to our business partners, suppliers and third parties we are working with.


B.I.G. does not tolerate corruption from employees or business partners. B.I.G. conducts its business only according to applicable laws and acts with integrity in the competitive environment. B.I.G. commits itself and its employees to comply with national and international laws and legal regulations (German Criminal Code, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act). The fight against corruption is of particular importance as corruption can have far-reaching consequences for B.I.G. and the individuals involved. Failure to follow anti-corruption laws destroys trust in colleagues and business partners and leads to civil and criminal penalties. B.I.G refrains from entering into a business transaction before it violates applicable law or the company’s principles.

Whistleblower system

Compliance with applicable laws and internal company guidelines as well as the resulting fair and ethical behavior have the highest priority at B.I.G. Therefore, we are introducing a whistleblower system to enable the reporting of complaints, criminal behavior, specific threats, or suspicious cases in the company and to protect whistleblowers and affected people. The whistleblower system is an integral part of the Compliance Management System (CMS). The whistleblower has two options to report misconduct effectively and securely.
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