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We’re located within a growing high-tech ecosystem in northeast Berlin, with plenty of room for laboratories, workshops, and offices. Here we’ve gathered more than 360 bright minds from a wide variety of backgrounds, with different areas of expertise and experience, and all with concentrated creativity.
Even though we enjoy this variety, it’s not an end in itself. Modern work environments demand synergistic interactions, where the knowledge of markets, products, and processes found in established companies can intermingle with the diversity of ideas offered by young startups. We do this every day, and it is a vital ingredient in the quality of our solutions.

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The Berlin.Industrial.Group. was born in Berlin, a child of the exciting times after reunification, when people were thinking of all the new possibilities here, not necessarily just industrial production. But where could you find better circumstances than here, in this energetic city that is constantly reinventing itself, yet always remaining true to its own spirit? Berlin's creativity, variety, and pragmatism are a perfect fit for us. Nowhere else in Germany can you find such a dense landscape of science and research, such a fast-growing startup scene, so many tantalizing cultural offerings, and a liberal urban lifestyle. These are the best conditions for growing as a dynamic corporate group together with our partners and participating in Berlin's future as a center of industry.

Back to the Future.

When most people hear the phrase “industry in Berlin,” they still have an outdated picture in mind: chimneys belching smoke, mass production, thousands of workers toiling at conveyor belts to churn out identical goods for huge companies. World War Two and the city's subsequent division led to almost complete deindustrialization. In the years following reunification, there were a number of cautious attempts to revive the area's industrial expertise, some of which enjoyed significant success.
And today? Companies involved in forward-looking and individualized production are making Berlin an increasingly desirable location, creating jobs, and raising their own corporate profiles. At the B.I.G., we are convinced that industrial production for the economic zones of the future is an existential issue. At the same time, it must be fundamentally reconceived in a way that is adaptable, digital, integrative, and networked. The new industrial landscape must go hand-in-hand with an inventive spirit, with fun, and with an equitable work-life balance. This is the journey we are on every day.
Each one distinct, yet all working together. We call this: Unique, United.

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As a young, dynamic company, we enjoy the modern infrastructure and the creative atmosphere on campus. The people here are united by a special passion for high-tech products. We are happy to be part of this unique community.

Julio Pastrana , Managing Director of Escarda Technologies GmbH

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