Our heart beats high tech. Yours too?

We develop customized technological solutions for our customers, helping them to create real added value and reach their peak competitiveness – all while bringing a smile to their lips. All of this is possible only when our people enjoy not only the success itself, but also – and particularly – the path to gaining it. We love what we do and how we do it.

Together. Proficient. Adding value.

Instead of talking ideas into the ground, we prefer to try them out and see whether they work. Those who show initiative and can persuade their teams are given the space to promote their own projects. It is part of our DNA to integrate different positions and approaches in our work, regardless of hierarchies. And we support each other – even across companies. This philosophy has made us successful and helps us to constantly set new standards.

Will you join us?

New Work

For us, this means self-organized, creative work – on an equal footing and within a team. Proficiency is more important than hierarchy, and we place a premium on cooperation. Curious? Then you've come to the right place.

A focus on people

You consult with your team to determine where and when you will work. Mobile, flexible work schedules are a given for us. Ultimately, only one thing counts: the result.

Work and have fun

Our campus is a hot-spot for tinkerers, innovators, inventors, and others. Here you’ll find modern equipment, an outstanding infrastructure, and a great atmosphere. Including parties!

Relaxation requested

At the B.I.G. you’ll find plenty of space for a variety of activities, from beach volleyball and workouts to strolling in the garden or relaxing in a beach chair. And our cook Ole is always there in the “Charging Station” to provide the necessary sustenance.

The finest high-tech

When you work with us, you’ll be in the company of true professionals from various disciplines, dedicated to making their high-tech vision a reality. Together with them, you can develop the industry of tomorrow, today.

And last but not least

We are a Berlin original! Creative, open-minded, and full of variety – just like our city.

Classical hierarchies? We don’t have them. The special corporate culture at the B.I.G. is centered on self-organized teams. Every team member is encouraged to make his or her own contribution. We assume a lot of responsibility and are given a lot of creative leeway.

Karsten Kleinow , IT-Manager

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You’re in good company. We're always on the lookout for dynamic team players who are as enthusiastic about high tech as we are. Take a look at our job board to see if there’s something there for you.

Initiative application

Maybe there’s no exact match, but you still think we should get to know one another? If so, please send us an application with your own idea on how you can be part of the B.I.G. team.
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