2. August 2023

B.I.G. signs Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt)

We have signed the Diversity Charter and are thus visibly committed to an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment. The Diversity Charter is an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the patronage of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

We are proud to announce that we have signed the Diversity Charter. In this way, as one of almost 5,000 companies, we also make the initiative’s goal ours: “a prejudice-free working environment and that all employees – regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and world view, sexual orientation and social background – are valued.”

Our employees come from more than 20 nationalities. We are mindful of gender-sensitive and fair language, have self-imposed a Code of Conduct, and have established a compliance office. But we want to get even better, to help make structural changes sustainable, to honor differences, to recognize and reduce injustices.

“Our society is more diverse and differentiated than ever: all the more important is the commitment to diversity and to respectful and appreciative interaction in the workplace. By signing the Diversity Charter, B.I.G. commits itself to recognizing and respecting the diversity of society and its needs inside and outside the organization,” says Charter Managing Director Corina Christen. “Anyone who signs the charter is clearly demonstrating that the diverse needs of employees must be taken into account and firmly anchored in the organization’s internal structures. Because diversity is not only an attitude that is worth standing up for every day, but above all must be followed by action,” adds Charter Managing Director Franzi von Kempis.

Charta der Vielfalt e.V. is the largest employer initiative for promoting diversity in companies and institutions in Germany. At the heart of the association is the “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter), which was launched jointly by companies and politicians in 2006 to recognize and incorporate diversity in work culture. More than 4,900 organizations have signed the Diversity Charter to date. Read more:


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