18. September 2023

B.I.G. presents its 1st sustainability report with DNK

We are very happy to present our first sustainability report following DNK standard ! We want to present what we have already achieved and our further goals in an objective and comprehensible manner.

To this end, we have followed the 20 criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative. The DNK has now reviewed and approved our report. A great first success! Nevertheless, for us this is just the beginning – an up-to-date picture of the Group on its way to a future fit for grandchildren.

As a group of companies, we want to take responsibility and consider sustainability in its three dimensions of environmental, social and governance (ESG criteria). It is about the way we work together and live diversity. It’s about our principles for transparency, ethics, compliance, and adherence to laws and regulations. And, of course, it’s also about our environmental footprint – resource consumption, waste, and emissions.

We have already made considerable progress on the first two points, starting with an open, diverse corporate culture, our transparent salary model and numerous benefits. In terms of environmental sustainability, we have pulled a number of levers, such as green electricity, a job bike, a subsidy for the Deutschlandticket, and hybrid vehicles for our service colleagues. Our companies operate more like manufactories than mass producers. Emissions or packaging waste are not our most prominent challenges. Nevertheless, we are on our way, collecting data on energy-hungry areas and where we can save resources.

We are on our way – and look forward to you joining us in the coming months and years. We will continue to report.

You can find the sustainability report here. (German)



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