21. October 2022

Dear Guest at B.I.G. – Founder of NGO OTEPIC

As a group, we have been supporting the Kenyan project OTEPIC for many years. We are impressed how founder Philip Munyasia initiates projects on site together with the people and makes a real impact on their environment: sustainable agriculture in permaculture, a peace village or an orphanage. On his current European trip, Philip reported on his successes and upcoming projects.

Millions of people in Kenya are already experiencing the effects of the climate crisis: Hunger due to rain and crop failures, animals suffer, threatening floods increase, heat waves occur more and more. For Philip Munyasia and his friends in the local community, this was the eye-opener already in 2008: We have to care about diversity in our cultivation now!

Numerous ideas emerged, which Philip has since pursued with his project OTEPIC, in order to continue to actively shape a livable future with his community in Mitume Township in Kenya. He gave us a glimpse behind the scenes of his valuable work. With his lecture “Fighting Climate Change on the Ground” he provided insights directly on our campus in Berlin-Marzahn together with our friends from CEF – club of engineers and friends e.V., which above all make one thing clear: Sustainable agriculture is also possible on a small scale, and even small interventions can have a big impact on everyone. For example, the photos show how plastic waste is used and recycled to build houses. Smart ways to avoid losing water to precipitation or flooding have also been developed. Or, another inspiring example: the association has bought a large piece of land to continue experimenting and growing sustainably on site, where they grow mushrooms that provide an income for the people.

They pass on these learnings to new generations on site, so that they in turn take the knowledge with them and subsequently improve their own cultivation and handling in their own environment.

For him, it is clear that despite many problems on site, they experience direct effectiveness and sustainable solutions through this community, which constantly talks to each other and finds new solutions. In this way, one peace project after another is created, all of which together continue to contribute to their main goal: steady, small projects together ensure peace on the ground.

We are very happy to be able to support this work and to welcome Philip in Berlin.

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