27. March 2024

Fauna and flora on our campus

It's the much-anticipated date for all gardeners after the long winter: the start in the new garden year! Our B.I.G. garden community also got together and prepared the raised beds for the coming season in the Industrial Garden. And the starlings, which feel very much at home here, were given comfortable nesting boxes.

It’s the true luxury of a campus on the edge of the city. On 4 hectares of green space, bees find plenty of flowering plants, sheep a lush pasture and vegetables grow in the raised beds. Colleagues from the B.I.G. garden community came together in the Industrial Garden to prepare the raised beds for the coming season. Just what you need to do in a vegetable garden: clear away the old soil from the previous year, dig it up and add fresh substrate. The team wants to harvest home-grown vegetables and herbs again this year and bring flowers into bloom. We are already looking forward to beans, courgettes, pumpkins, turnips, lettuce as well as dahlias, surfinias, zinnias and chrysanthemums.

Nesting boxes for starlings have also been installed on the company campus. This initiative will hopefully please people and animals alike: the birds will have a safe place to breed and our façades will be less pecked at.

This project is part of our ecological commitment to protecting the environment and supporting local wildlife.

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